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Never Give Up...
by posted 01/19/2021

I reached out to the Canton coach to check on the player that was injured last night, and he let me know that the player is doing well - which is great to hear.  I also congratulated him on the win, and wished him and his team well throughout the remainder of the District Play Downs. 

In hindsight, I think I hyped our kids up too much as they were full of nerves to start the game.  That one is on me, and Canton scored two goals in the first (29) seconds of the game, and scored another to make it {3-0} just (1) minute and (18) seconds in to the game.  We had an opportunity to settle them down, and the rest of the game Eli was 'lights out' and we responded, and essentially played them {2-2} for three complete periods.  We had our chances, and all of the coaches are so proud of how we responded, and the resolve and resiliency of this group was impressive to say the least.  We always talk about the life lessons, and we all saw the lesson of 'adversity' on full display last night.  Most kids and adults would have emotionally packed it in after that start, and we didn't!!  The coaches are very proud of this group, and our future is bright as we enter the back-end of the season.  Enjoy the week and we'll see everyone this weekend to continue to build upon  the momentum we have built thus far this season.

Jim Miller Recipient:

Cillian Gorham {Canton, 1.18.2021} 

"Don't Give Up.  Don't Ever Give Up"  Jimmy Valvano {Espy Awards, 1993}


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We Are Ready...
by posted 01/17/2021

I am hoping that everyone got a chance to read the message from Eli that arrived shortly after the game.  I absolutely loved receiving the email, and the meaning behind the message was spot in with where we are as a team right now.  The fact that it came from a player is what makes it truly special.  'In Eli We Trust' and we got your back tomorrow all (15) players and every single coach!!

With playing yesterday, and a big one looming tomorrow - today's game had the opportunity to be a 'trap game'.  The effort and style of play we witnessed this morning was anything but that!  As coaches we have been waiting since September to see them move the puck the way in which they did today.  It is a beatiful thing to watch unfold before our eyes.  They have coalesced as a collective group, and are peaking at the exact precise time and we are ready!

Tomorrow's opponent will be the best team we have seen to date, and we are in every sense of the word we are the underdogs, and I wouldn't want it any other way.  We are going to shock the world tomorrow night - in our house and in our home.  Enjoy the remainder of the weekend, and early to bed this evening {John Walsh will be starting the bed checks ~ 8:00 PM}.  Keep an eye out for an additional communication or two before tommorrow night's tilt.  

Jim Miller Recipient:

Jaspar Laneau {1.17.2021}

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by posted 01/16/2021

Another strong team effort this morning that made me proud, and I meant it when I offered up a genuine Thank You to each of them.  Back to work tommorow morning against another strong team that will serve as our last tune-up match before the Play Down game scheduled for Monday night.  The coaches will be looking for a great effort - and selfless play tomorrow morning.  Early to bed tonight if you can make it happen. 

Lastly, we started a new tradition this morning that you may or may not have caught.  It occurred just prior to the start of the game when the kids rallied around Eli with their sticks in the air and chanted 'Individually we are weak but together we are strong".

The chant was born on Wednesday evening during practice when Coach Timlin did an exercise with the kids that involved the 'team voted' strongest kid on the team {Henry Mario} and a couple of yellow pencils.  It was a great coachable moment with a very powerful message that I am glad that I got to see unfold.  See You All Tomorrow...

Jim MIller Recipient:

The Entire MYH Squirt B Team {Hanover, 1.16.2021}



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