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Vice President

Mollie Naughton

Patrick Lovett

The president is the lead volunteer for the association. His primary role is to preside over the board and ensure the association is following its mission statement and core values. The president leads the board by providing its members with a vision of what needs to be accomplished, goals for completing tasks and inspiration to encourage excellence out of each board member.

  • Teach board members, volunteers, staff and parents on the importance of age-appropriate programming and the core values of the Milton Youth Hockey program
  • Support the board in its’ efforts for organic growth within the community
  • Help organize functions to increase visibility of the association and the sport of youth hockey
  • Delegate other duties as necessary within the scope of the association's by-laws
  • Co-director of House League and performs all duties related to operating a successful program

The main responsibility of the Vice President is to act as support to the President and fulfill the duties of the President in his/her absence. Additionally, the Vice President's key role is to aid all board members and committees with their tasks as well as assist with the communication to the general association's membership.

  • Plan, develop, and enforce policies and bylaws
  • Act as the MYH Disciplinary Committee Director and identify four other MYH members to act on the disciplinary committee
  • Ensure organization is meeting its goals
  • Preside over board meetings in the absence of the President
  • Assist the President in any or all tasks
  • Lead/attend committee meetings
  • Identify candidates to serve as committee chairs
  • Report to the board activities undertaken by any committees
  • Director of Learn to Skate and performs all duties related to operating a successful program
  • Responsible for all aspects of Board elections

Fulfill other tasks assigned by the association President or board as necessary



Jenny Chao

Dustin Martin 

The Treasurer is the principal financial and accounting officer for the youth hockey association. Their primary duties include overseeing the financial management and reporting for the association. In this role, the treasurer will draft and present an annual budget to the board, prepare relevant financial reports for scheduled board meetings and manage financial transactions for the association.

  • Establish and submit a preliminary budget for board approval
  • Oversee the approval and implementation of the annual budget
    • Monitor revenue and expenditures against the budget monthly
    • Issue, collect, process and record all checks and deposits
  • Communicate with Marketing/Fundraising Coordinator to forecast projected essential or ancillary revenues
  • Manage the registration fee collection as well all revenue streams associated with the operations of the association
  • Document and report to the full board on a monthly basis with the association's financial status
  • File proper paperwork with the IRS and state to help association secure:
    • Taxpayer ID (Employer Identification Number)
    • Incorporation
    • 1099 & W2
    • 501c(3) tax exempt status
    • IRS 990
  • Responsible for keeping financial records including accounts receivable and accounts payable and manage/reconcile bank accounts
  • Serve as the primary contact with a professional financial advisor and/or accountants regarding tax preparation, audits and investments
  • Ensure that the external reporting to donors, association members and local regulators are completed on a timely basis
  • Work with the board to develop bylaws and policies that match the needs for fiscal operations
  • In 2019/2020, the treasurer will work with a President designated volunteer to audit the Milton Youth Hockey financials to determine if a more comprehensive financial management system can be implemented
  • Other tasks assigned as necessary

The Secretary maintains the administrative process of the organization.  Their primary role includes being the focal point of communication to and from the Milton Youth Hockey Board and its entire membership as well as being a thorough and accurate record keeper.

  • Act as main point of contact between association membership and Board of Directors and any outside communications as required
  • Communicate upcoming meetings and meeting schedule
  • Attend all board, executive and other meetings as requested
  • Record and manage minutes from those at all board, executive board and other meetings as requested
  • Distribute board meeting agenda prior to the board meeting
  • Distribute previous meeting minutes prior to every meeting
  • Ensure up to date by-laws and policies are distributed to association's Board
  • Accurate organization of all documents relating to the association's and any administrative activities
  • Provide any other duties as outlined by the by-laws
  • Will work closely with the President to identify member volunteers to assist the board in various aspects of the operation of the program.  In 2019/2020, this will include but not be limited to:
  1. Treasurer Assistant.  This position will be created to assist the Treasurer in creating a reporting system that is best suitable for public viewing.  The responsibility of this special assistant will be to educate themselves in the operation of the current MYH financial reporting system and to identify financial reporting venues that will allow the Treasurer to expedite the Milton Youth Hockey reports of financial status.
  2. Registrar Assistant. This position will be created to assist the Registrar
  3. Membership Parent Committee.  This committee will be responsible to coordinate locker room management by assigning volunteers to monitor the locker rooms during skill sessions.  The Secretary will be responsible to oversee this committee.

Perform other duties assigned by the President or member of the board


ACE Coordinator

Dan Gormley

Jim Davis

The Registrar is one of the most important roles for a local association. This individual is responsible for the association’s USA Hockey Registry and processing all members through the Registry. This process completes the USA Hockey registration for your members.


  • Create and maintain an active membership list
  • Complete the registration process by claiming player, coach & volunteer memberships to your association through the Registry
  • Create and manage updates for team rosters
  • Work with team managers, coaches and program coordinators to collect necessary participation documentation
    • Birth certificates
    • Codes of conduct
    • Consent to treat forms
  • Monitor that all coaches, association leadership and volunteers are completing their SafeSport Training and background screening requirements
  • Work in conjunction with your Hockey Development Coordinator and association leadership to ensure coaches are achieving their required Coaching Education Program training and corresponding age-specific modules
  • Ensure that registration and team structure requirements by the local Affiliate, District and USA Hockey are met
  • Connect with the Associate Registrar to sanction any tournaments that your association hosts
  • Help teams with travel requirements and necessary permits
  • Maintain rosters for state and national bound playoff teams
  • Run membership reports for association leadership
  • Work with the Treasurer to make accurate records of registered members and incoming participation fees
  • Work closely with the President and Community Liaison to track and help drive player retention and acquisition
  • In 2019/2020, the Treasurer will work with a President designated volunteer to audit the Milton Youth Hockey registration system to update information currently to determine if a more comprehensive system can be implemented.

This position is accountable for auditing Milton Youth Hockey Board Members and Coaching requirements.  You are required to maintain a board and coaching volunteer staff that follows all the rules and regulations of USA hockey, MA Hockey and the South Shore Conference.


  • The Association Hockey Director is responsible for the implementation of the USA Hockey Coaching Education Programs 
  • Communicate with all coaches as to what the requirements of certification will be prior to the start of the season
  • Ensure that all coaches are aware of certification course schedules
  • Send reminders to coaches prior to courses
  • Ensure that all correspondence to MYH members (coaches, board members, etc.) is done in a polite and professional manner
  • Enforce that all coaches are in coaching compliance and report to the board all coach related issues
  • Act as Milton Youth Hockey’s CORI official and report to the board how CORI compliance is being performed
  • Register all Milton Youth Hockey teams in state play down tournament and educate all coaches on the rules of state play down games
  • Report to the Board of Directors monthly (or immediately to the President if necessary) of any board/coaching issues



Fundraising Coordinator

Coaches’ Liaison and Skills Supervisor

Jason Tsanotelis

Jim Davis 

This position is accountable to organize and drive the events which improve the financial stability of the youth hockey association. As an appointed position by the Milton Youth Hockey Board of Directors, you are a representative of the general hockey public, working in the best interest of the entire youth organization on behalf of the association’s board. You are required to provide status, input and direction to the executive board related to the area of responsibility as defined within this description.

  • Improve the financial stability of the Milton Youth Hockey program
  • Seek out new opportunities to increase funds into the association
  • Seek out methods to provide opportunities to members to lower overall costs of season/ice fees
  • Contact individuals and businesses to obtain sponsorship money for teams and general sponsorship funds for the association
  • Manage the sponsorship process and documentation, continually improve
  • Adhere to and complete the sponsorship activities for sponsors, i.e. Letters, recognition, jersey plates, banners
  • Collect and identify for the Treasurer all sponsorship and fundraising money
  • Provide sponsors tax status documents for IRS records
  • Plan, organize and execute on all aspects of the association’s fundraisers and community events
  • Ensure proper plans, coordination, volunteers, communications, etc. are being completed
  • Provide monthly status report on all activities, plans, progress, etc.
  • Goal of the fundraising coordinator(s) is to provide at the minimum, three fundraising events per season


The coaches’ liaison is responsible for the enforcement of the coaches coaching requirements/certification.  The coaches’ liaison will act as the person a coach will communicate with for any on-ice issues.  He will also provide the equipment manager assistance in making sure that pucks, etc. are issued for each team. The coaches’ liaison will periodically go to the rink to reinforce that coaches are performing their duties in a professional manner.  He will also be responsible for educating coaches on locker room behavior.

The Coaches’ liaison will also serve as the Skill Supervisor.  He will be responsible for management of the skill sessions, including locker room management.

  • Act as the liaison between the board of directors and the coaches
  • Assist coaches in any issues that they may encounter
  • Ensure that coaches are creating a good learning environment for our hockey players and report non-compliant coaches’ issues to the board immediately
  • Work with the Ulin management to create a locker room assignment schedule
  • Report any locker room issues to the manager of the rink or the board (if necessary).
  • Educate the South Shore coaches on South Shore Conference “news” and maintain that the SSC rules are being followed
  • Communicate with the Yankee Conference representative, Monica Connolly, for all Yankee Conference “news”
  • Act as the Milton Youth Hockey Board of Directors representative for the South Shore Conference
  • Develop a “Skill Committee “of volunteer members to evaluate the skill sessions and to monitor the locker rooms during skill sessions
  • Communicate with Stephanie O’Sullivan on any changes that the MYH skill committee recommends (after board approval)
  • Enforce the Milton Youth Hockey jersey policy

Level Coordinator Director

Equipment Manager

Doug Hunt

Jason Tsanotelis

The Level Coordinator will be responsible for assigning a board member, or volunteer, to each level of the MYH program.  The level coordinators will report any incidents and will make recommendation to the director that he/she feels will improve the MYH experience for our members.

  • Identify a person to be the level director for the Mites, Squirts, Peewees, Bantams, Midgets, U14’s, U16’s and U19 divisions
  • Provide a list of level coordinators to the Board of Directors at the September meeting
  • Create a reporting system for level coordinators
  • Have level coordinators meet with all goalie parents and coaches.  Goalies will be needed to fill in for each other during the year and this fact needs to be communicated with the goalie’s parents
  • Provide coaches at all levels with the goalies contact information for goalies from the other teams at that specific level (and below if appropriate)
  • Report any incident at any level to the board of directors that requires board attention

Co-director of House League and performs all duties related to operating a successful program

The Equipment Manager is responsible for the maintenance, preservation, and purchase of all equipment owned by the MYH as well as the purchase of uniforms for new players and assisting with returning players replacement uniform purchases

  • Organize and maintain an accurate inventory of all association equipment
    (jersey quantities, sizes, jersey #'s, condition, penny quantities, water bottle quantities, puck quantities and first aid kit quantities)
  • Store all equipment properly during the off-season
  • Purchase equipment (subject to Board approval) as required
  • Distribute equipment to all levels at beginning of season and track
  • Obtain quotes for new equipment, all new expenditures require board approval
  • Collect all equipment at end of season, validate the equipment
  • Provide a season end inventory report and status on all equipment

Handle all member inquiries regarding equipment and communicate with issues until problem has been resolved

Ice Chairman

Membership Liaison

Jason Tsanotelis

Mollie Naughton 

The Ice Chairman is responsible for the procurement of ice time from local facilities to support operation of the association, for developing policy on the use and allocation of the ice (subject to Board approval), and for maintaining a positive relationship with the management of the local ice facilities and officials

Assistants to the Ice Chairman will assure that the ice schedule is developed to ensure that all teams are treated fairly and to assist in acquiring additional hours, if needed, upon board approval

  • Negotiate and procure ice time from local rinks in support of association activities
  • Develop and manage the association’s ice budget
  • Develop recommended policies for ice allocation to the board for approval
  • Maintain positive relationship with area arena managers and officials
  • Has overall responsibility for scheduling team practices and games
  • Review and approve invoices for the use of ice and officials
  • Maintains yearly goal and use reports
  • Updates schedules and posts via the association website, communicates updates
  • Provide reports to board regarding ice utilization
  • Review all practice/game schedules
  • Review ice usage reports (use to budget)

The Milton Youth Hockey Membership liaison will be the focal person for all MYH inquiries from parents.  This will include all complaints, requests, disciplinary occurrences and any other questions from Milton Youth Hockey parents.

  • Act as the Milton Youth Hockey “Complaint/Question liaison” for communication with all parents of Milton Youth Hockey and bring resolution to all inquiries
  • Parents will be directed to contact you as MYH’s membership liaison and will be required to follow-up with them with a 24-hour time frame from the initial inquiry.  Inform the board of all issues that the you feel are board decision related and not issues that you can resolve without board approval
  • Initiate team mangers for all MYH teams and create a distribution list

Communicate with team managers periodically with informational pieces (i.e. “plan your team tournaments early”) and act as the “go to” board member for all teams

Girl’s Directors

Tryout Committee

Jim Davis and Kevin Hardy

Patrick Lovett  and Doug Hunt

The girls’ program is the fastest growing program in MYH.  The Director of the girls’ program will be responsible to implement a compliant girls’ program guideline manual by the end of the 2019/2020 season.  This manual will be USA hockey compliant and will be used to move the MYH’s girls program to the next level.

  • Ensure that all MYH teams are USA compliant
  • Create a model for moving the program forward
  • Acts as a liaison for all the girl’s program issues and brings resolution to those issues.  Inform the board of all issues that you feel are board decision related and not issues that you can resolve without board approval
  • Create a volunteer group to assist you in writing a policy for the girl’s program
  • Initiate events that will promote the girl’s program
  • Report to the Board at the monthly meetings on the status and updates for the girls’ program


The Tryout Committee will consist of two directors and four other board members chosen by the President.  The tryout committee will bring any changes that they feel necessary to the Board of Directors to vote for approval.  The Directors will be responsible to implement tryouts in a fair, equitable and organized method to streamline the process.

All Board members will be expected to help the week that tryouts occur.

  • Create a tryout schedule by December 2019 for Board approval
  • Designate volunteers for each MYH level to act as evaluators
  • Design a tryout report for all evaluators to use at tryouts
  • Ensure that the process is kept confidential
  • Report to the Board any revisions that you would like to implement for approval
  • Communicate with members regarding the process and decision making
  • Responsible for any issues with player assignments in September
  • Initiate re-evaluations if requested by coach due to gross misplacement and ensure fairness and MYH policy is maintained

Coaches Committee

Community Liaison

Patrick Lovett , Doug Hunt

Dan Sweeney

The Coaches’ Committee will be responsible for communicating with existing MYH coaches to request that they complete a coaching application for the 2019/2020 season.  In addition, the Coaches’ Committee will seek other media areas to network for coaches

  • Communicate and follow through when coaching applications are available
  • Communicate with those coaches who did not complete an application by the due date
  • Explore other venues (i.e. college grads, etc.) to aggressively find coaches.  This process should begin in September
  • Meet the week after tryouts to review coaching candidates
  • Communicate with coaches who have been selected and confirm that they will accept.
  • Assistant coaches should also be communicated with and confirmed
  • Communicate with all coaching candidates who were not chosen
  • The coaching selection process should be a two-week period from start to finish. Deficiencies for teams that have no coach need to be addressed immediately and a plan for finding a coach needs to be implemented
  • MYH President reserves the right to add/delete board members from this committee

The Community Liaison is a new MYH board assignment.  The Ulin Rink situation needs to be monitored.  The Community Liaison will work with the President to bring resolution to the issue for the benefit of the program.  In addition, Milton Youth Hockey will work to improve the relationship with the High School.  To this end, the Community Liaison will work with the Milton Public Schools, its’ hockey coaches and the town’s leadership.

  • Support and assist in stabilizing the Milton Youth Hockey’s ice situation at the Ulin Rink
  • Open communications with Town leadership and the Milton Public Schools and develop ideas to encourage the MHS coaches (Boys and Girls) to assist with Milton Youth Hockey
  • Maintain communication with Milton Academy for obtaining any available ice options for the program

Provide legal advice to the Board

League Representives


South Shore Conference: Doug Hunt

Metro South Rep: Anders Johnson

MA Hockey District 3 Rep:  Dustin Martin

House League: Patrick Lovett , Joe Lattuca

Learn to Skate: Bob Sweeney


Travel League Coordinators act as liassons between MYH community and the various leagues in which MYH teams participate. 

House League and Learn to Skate coordinators are responsible for managing and running these two in-house programs.”