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Details about the 2022-2023 House League Season


 The purpose of this is to divide the kids together into two equal groups. We are flexible regarding siblings and offer the parent the option of choosing the group that they want their children to skate in. We try to accommodate the parents.

· The EAST Group will typically skate on Saturdays from 11:00AM to 11:50AM and on Sundays 9:00AM to 9:50AM.

· The WEST Group will typically skate on Saturdays from Noon to 12:50PM and on Sundays from 10:00AM to 10:50AM.

The program begins with the O’Sullivan Hockey Instructors running the program on both Saturday and Sundays until January.

We provide a list of all the players on the EAST GROUP and the WEST GROUP to Stephanie O’Sullivan, director of the O’Sullivan hockey instructors.  The O’Sullivan instructors will evaluate all the players and they will grade them “A”, “B”, or “C” players.  The grading information is confidential and given to the House League directors

Depending if we have enough coaches signed up through the Website, we may email the parents of all registered players asking if any of them would be interested in volunteering as coaches. The program succeeds as a result of the parents volunteering their time to help.

After about the third week, the O’Sullivan group will provide us with their evaluations. We begin making the rosters for each team making sure that each team has comparably rated players. The volunteer coaches are then assigned and the rosters for each team are announced (usually the weekend before Christmas).

After the first of the year the O’Sullivan’s continue to provide two skill sessions on Saturdays (one for the EAST Group; the other for the WEST Group). Sundays are “game day”. We typically have four teams on the EAST GROUP that play from 9AM to 9:50AM and four teams on the WEST GROUP that play from 10AM to 10:50AM. Teams are defined by the color of their jerseys.

There are two cross-ice games that occur at each session and teams are rotated from week to week. Teams usually have three lines. One line is on the ice; one line is sitting on the bumpers (or the bench); one line is having a skill session in the middle of the ice. The coaches control the games and rotate the lines as the game progresses.

The middle ice, as stated, is used to conduct skills for the players. Several of the “extra” coaches, conduct the skill session with the players not playing - waiting to get into the game.

House League will have a bonus hour from 4PM to 4:50PM on Sunday’s beginning on January 8th running through to Sunday February 26th.  This very popular “bonus hour” is in addition to the Sunday morning session.  We rotate the EAST GROUP and the WEST GROUP for this “bonus hour”